Bespoke Application Development
With over a decade experience in developing robust Enterprise Software Solutions across Nigeria and neighboring West African countries, we pride ourselves in the ability to help build efficient custom-built solutions around our clients businesses. We come in to engage business owners during a Requirement Elicitation process after which a detailed Requirement Specification is presented to the client for approval before the commencement of Analysis and Design which dovetails into the application development proper.
We work with our clients at every step of the way to ensure that their requirements are properly met and because we know that they have the tendency to change requirements every now and then, our Business Analysts and the entire project team are always willing to do whatever is necessary to accommodate such changes while at the same time working to ensure that these changes are implemented and delivered on time and within budget.

At the end of the development, deployment and training phase, we do not just leave our clients alone but rather dedicate a team of application support personnel to provide our 24/7 fanatical support.

The intent is enabling our clients focus more on their core line-of-business operations while saddling us with the responsibilities of building world class application systems to support their operations

Software Development Projects Outsourcing / Offshoring
Our Software Development Projects Outsourcing / Offshoring concept is designed around the Global Delivery Model of taking jobs to the location where the best talent is available, where it makes the best economic sense and with the least amount of acceptable risk.

We service both local and international customers and the intent is enabling our clients have the same world-class, standard application systems built for them while at the same time enjoying a lot of cost savings and flexibility that comes with our model.

Our team of experts can deliver from small line-of-business application systems for SMEs to large Enterprise Application Software systems that drive large corporations and multinationals. We can either work at our studio in Nigeria or send a team to work on-site at the client's location irrespective of where it is geographically located after all the world is just one global village.
Product Engineering
Our Research and Development Unit is currently busy working on a number of products we are planning on bringing to the market in years to come.